16 October, 2012

Wonderful news! Success for Marco!

Today, our friend and colleague, Marco Saborio, intercepted and had a great look at Island Girl in Limon, Costa Rica. He even got some great pictures of her perched on a cell tower as she did last year. This time, Marco was there waiting for her.

Island Girl on Limon Cell Tower by Marco Saborio (note antenna)

Here is how it all came together...

From Don McCall...
"Hi Everyone,
Island Girl roosted last night along the northern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, about 2 kilometers from the beach.  This morning, as hoped, she flew 94 km (58 mi) into Limon and was perched in a thick clump at trees at 1400Z (0800 local time).  I posted a map and comments on the Ornithological Association of Costa Rica (AOCR) Facebook page (as requested), and tried to phone Marco Saborio who should be in Limon by now but I couldn't reach him yet.
Marco, in case you can get this email but not Internet, her coordinates were: 9.99550, -83.03883
And then, a few hours later....
"Hi Everyone,

I've updated the maps again because we've had an exciting new development.  Marco Saborio has again intercepted one of our migrating falcons (Island Girl, this time) and photographed her.  His story and photos should be available later tonight or tomorrow.  He called me a second time a few minutes ago to confirm that I received his first message.
After I posted the first GPS location in Limon earlier this afternoon, I was unable to reach Marco by telephone but somebody else sent him the coordinates which I had also posted on Facebook.  He wasn't able to locate her then, but a short while later I received a new Doppler Qual-0 (not very accurate) signal slightly north of town and was able to reach Marco to pass it along.  Marco went looking in that direction and discovered a new, high cell phone tower near the shoreline, and that's where he found her.  And a little while ago I received another new GPS location, about 3 km. north of town, so that's now on the website maps.  I can't tell from Google Maps whether that's a cell phone tower where Marco found her, but his report and photos should clarify that.
Awesome job, Marco!  Congratulations, again.
Island Girl on Limon Cell Tower by Marco Saborio
And then from Marco....
"Hi Bud and Don,

I'm so happy to have found Island Girl finally, was good that she came to Limon again as she did in the past years.  Thanks to Don for providing the position for 1400 Hrs (local time), without that I would have never found her.  The exact position for the new tower is 10.00684, -83.05949.  The bird was spotted at 15:50:00 local time and l left the place at 17:30:00.  She was just perching there and never moved, I will be back there tomorrow very early, hopefully before sunrise and try to make some more observations in case she remains there.  It is interesting that the position for the morning is very close to her preferred tower, so she may visit it any time.
Once I get back home in a few days I will provide more pictures. I will stay in the area at least a couple days more.
Best regards,

 Island Girl on Limon Cell Tower from the Back by Marco Saborio

And this from Marco as well....
"Forgot to mention the great help from a friend that lives in Limon, Manuel E. Castro, without his support and his knowledge of the area finding Island Girl would had been much more difficult.  I would appreciate if you mention him in any communications related to this finding.
Well I am completely happy to mention your friend Manuel and thank him on behalf of the Southern Cross Peregrine Project and all of our readers for his help. Thank you Manuel!
So Marco has made a bit more history again on this project.
First off, Marco is now the only person to see and photograph two DIFFERENT Southern Cross Peregrines over the years, both times in Costa Rica. During our first year on the northbound spring migration, he was the first person to ever observe one of our tagged peregrines on migration. He got photos of her too. Now it is Island Girl. Nice going Marco. We all envy you!
Last year, when we discovered that Island Girl had held up in Limon for several days, Marco made several valiant efforts to see her but narrowly missed her each time. So it must be doubly sweet to see her this year.
Not sure but I think this is the only time we have had her stop off in the same place in different years. She must like it in Limon. Did she actually "plan " to go there?  How can we know? What is so great about Limon for a peregrine?
Man, she sure likes cell towers!
Anyway, congratulations all around and we deeply appreciate your efforts Marco and Manuel. Thanks for filling us in too.

What a wonderful gift.

Island Girl has now been observed on migration in Veracruz, Mexico, Limon, Costa Rica, San Antonio, Chile and of course at Putu, Chile on the day of her northbound migration last April.


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Awesome! Really enjoying Island Girl's progress!

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What a treat! The pictures are a joy to see. Thanks to everyone involved in making this happen.