07 November, 2012

Approaching the Bend of the Continent

Island Girl continued her way to Chile yesterday.

Last night, she was only 175 km (105 miles) from the border so if things go normally she should enter Chile tomorrow.

She has been trending SE while following the coastline of Peru but tomorrow she should reach the "bend" of the continent and curve hard to the south as she enters Chile near the border town of Arica.

She flew 354 km (220 miles) for the day so she is doing some serious flying to reach her beach at Putu.

She slept between the towns of Ilo and Mollendo a short distance from Route 1 which is really just a single lane dirt road along this stretch of coast. The Pan-Am Highway is much further inland.

She roosted on a sea cliff overlooking the Pacific with a rocky beach and crashing waves below her. She hasn't slept at a beach for some time on this migration. I wonder if she enjoys the sound of the waves at night.

You can see a fishing trail leading down to the beach just above her cliff.

Also, if you look around on the top of the cliff, you can see several ruins of what look like rock corrals scattered about the flat. Look further up hill towards the road and you can see more ruins including what looks like a house.

I wonder both what and how old these structures are? Peru is famous for its ruins which can be found distributed all along the Pacific coast. I have found bones, pottery shards and small bits of material out there. My friend, Tom Maechtle, found several skulls at one of his campsites.

The extremely dry climate preserves things quite well and the sand and lack of vegetation makes things easy to see.

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