04 November, 2012

Approaching Lima Already....

Well, this bird obviously wants to get back to Chile now.

On Saturday, she flew 343 km (213 miles) through the Sechura Desert and put in for the night about 25 km (15 miles) NNE of Huacho. At her current speed, she should have flown well past Lima today.

She selected another typical coastal desert roost on some small cliffs on a ridgetop about 18 km (11 miles) inland from the Pacific coastline and the Pan-American Highway.

She slept at around 2,129' elevation on a mountain about a mile south of the Carretera Caral Las Minas Ambar, a highway following one of the typical agricultural valleys heading up into the mountains.

Migrant peregrines, after a long day of flying, will often pause in the afternoons to hunt. When successful, they will take a full crop (feed up) and then fly up to what they consider to be a safe roost for the night and digest there to be ready for the next days flight.

One of the things we have noticed with many of these tagged falcons is that their desert roosts are often above and near these rich agricultural drainages with their very high densities of prey.

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