12 November, 2012

Back Into the Mountains

On Sunday, Island Girl continued south as usual but headed up into the Andean foothills once again. She flew 360 km (224 miles) for the day and is now past -26 degrees south latitude.

She roosted up in the extremely dry rolling desert of the Atacama at 4,286 feet elevation and about 80 km (50 miles) inland from the coast. The town of Diego del Almagro was located nearby.

Looks like she picked the top of a low ridge right out in the middle of nowhere for roosting. No cliffs, no vegetation and I can tell you, little, if any, food in this habitat.

If you click on the photo button in the layers section in the lower right corner of Google Earth, you'll get many shots of the area. Some of them are breathtakingly beautiful. Try the volcanos picture due north of her roost site.  These will give you an excellent idea of what habitats and sights she is experiencing during her migration.

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