06 November, 2012

From Nancy in Ecuador....

I just received this e-mail from our friend and colleague, Nancy Hilgert, in Guayaquil. I thought that I would pass it along to everyone. The newspaper article is written in Spanish with some good graphics. I think that they did a great job and it is so gratifying to know that Island Girl has so many friends in so many countries.

"Dear Bud and friends,

Today El Universo de Guayaquil (a newspaper in Guayaquil) posted the following news release.


As you will see here in Guayaquil Island Girl and thr FRG have great fans!!!!!
Keep on flying Island Girl.
She rocks!!!!!!


And thank you to Nancy for arranging all of this.

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Kanit said...

Thnaks for the link to the newspaper article. When I got to the web page with the article, I was able to translate it to English. I love the graphics. Island Girl is quite the celebrity.

Go Island Girl!!