03 November, 2012

Island Girl Nearing Southern Border of Ecuador

Island Girl covered 183 km (114 mi) on Halloween day (31 October) still following an inland route well away from our friend Nancy in Guayaquil.

She roosted in what appears to be forest above a river at about 223' elevation, so still pretty low. She was about 30 km from the Pacific and 45 km from Peru.

The roost was only 21 km (13 miles) from Machala where we spent the night last April.

     Ecuador Southern Border near Machala with Andean Foothills in the Distance
               Island Girl Roosted Near That Area.

Island Girl is now approaching one of the most dramatic habitat changes of her entire migration. She is leaving the dense, wet tropical forest that she has been flying over since southern Mexico.

Her route is now taking her to the beginning of a massive and huge desert that stretches from northern Peru all the way south to central Chile. The game changes here in a major way.

Tomorrow, she will leave this forest and fly over the dry thorny forest of the Piura region of Peru.

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