06 November, 2012

Island Girl Passes Nazca

Yesterday, Island Girl continued to fly down the coastal plain of Peru, and apparently passing over, or at least near, the famous Nazca Lines as she has done many times before.

She covered 325 km (202 miles) during the day and has now moved to within about 518 km (322 miles) of the Chilean border.

I know this area very well and recall driving through here last spring trying to chase her north. But she had too great a head start on us.

She will be flying through one of the most beautiful areas of Peru, the rugged southern coastline where the Pan-American Highway is chiseled into the coast cliffs and deep valleys cut through the coastal terrace.

 This drive is breath-takingly gorgeous and is as impressive as anywhere I have ever been. I wish that you could all experience it.

Island Girl roosted in a rocky area right between the Pan-Am Highway and the coastline. She was within 182 yards of the highway.

I remember this area quite well, even the turns in the road. Driving north, we came off a high mountainside, came down around some tight hairpins and then looked north to see a vast coastal plain of wind blown sand forming some gignatic dunes all the way up into the base of the Andes. It was a magical place and she roosted near here then too but higher up in the hills and within sight of this roost.

She must know this route very well by now.

Before she sleeps, is she thinking of her winter home in Chile? Does she dream? What is in her consciousness? Obviously, it is incredibly present and in the now. But is she able to think of far off places as we do? Or is it all just immediacy and instinct?

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