15 November, 2012

Island Girl Returns to Her Chilean Summer Range

It is official. Island Girl has just finished her fourth complete migration yesterday.

She left Concon after 10 AM and arrived back at La Pesca by 4 PM.

Island Girls Stretch of Beach near La Pesca. She roosted on the hill to the right last night.

So she has returned to the same place as always after such a long migration. This behavior, i.e. returning to the same place each year, is called "philopatry" and is practiced by many, although not all, raptors.

This time, she took 52 days to travel 13,447 km (8,362 miles) from Baffin Island to Chile. Keep in mind that she must have actually flown much farther when you consider her hunting flights and all of the other flying she did betweeen signals.

And I should also point out that over her lifetime (if we consider her to be 6 years old), she has flown at least 80,000 miles just during these migrations. That is like circling the earth more than three times. And she is still going.

She slept in her usual area last night, up on a hill in the pine forest within a mile of the coast as shown in the slide above.

So this officially concludes the Southern Cross Peregrine Project for this year. Thank you all for joining us while following her migration.

If her transmitter keeps on working, we'll be back next April 2013.

Stay tuned and thank you for your support.

                                            Island Girl 2009


Becky said...

Fantastic...I'm so glad that she made it back once again.

Pam said...

It has been such a privilege to once again follow Island Girl on her migration. Thanks Bud. I'll be back in the spring.