14 November, 2012

Near Vina Del Mar Last Night

As expected, Island Girl continued south yesterday, returning to the coast for the final leg of her long journey. She covered 381 km (237 miles) for the day and migrated past La Serena, Los Vilos and Quintero before putting in for the night just inland from Concon. She almost reached Vina Del Mar, the riviera of Chile and Valparaiso, the city where we shipped our vehicles last spring.

It looks like she chose to sleep on a cell tower just above a road off the main highway into Concon.

I have asked our friend and colleague, Christian Gonzalez, if he could take a picture for us. He lives in Colina well inland and near Santiago but we'll see what can be done.

As I write this, Island Girl is approaching her home ground in Putu after her long and adventurous migration.

None of us can believe that we have just witnessed her fourth complete migration. I have never seen this before and I have been working on peregrines for almost 40 years. We are all so fortunate to be living in these times.

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