03 November, 2012

Turning on the speed...

She is moving hard now.

On Friday, Island Girl covered 317 km (197 miles) while flying over the northen desert of Peru. She is moving down the coast but still following an inland route.

She made it all the way to Trujillo, one of the major cities in northern Peru, and like most, situated at the mouth of a major drainage carrying water down from the mountains for agriculture.

As usual, she slept on a rocky outcrop at 3,395' high above the agricultural fields where she likely hunted before heading in for the night. She was about 18 km (11 miles) SE of town.

If you examine the Google Earth images, you'll see many series of long light buildings in a row, These are the chicken farms of South America supplying food to the people in the major cities.

As I have described earlier on this blog, my Peruvian colleague, Oscar Beingolea first explained to me about these operations. Since they feed these chickens every day, there is generally a surplus of food around the buildings. Huge numbers of Rock Pigeons and doves are also supported in some measure by the availability of this food in the desert. Where there are pigeons and doves in South America, there are also peregrines.

When you drive through these agricultural fields areas, the numbers anbd variety of birdlife is amazing.

The rivers are a tremendous source of the life in this region.

She is already at 8 degrees south latitude.

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