20 April, 2013

Heading North

On her second day of the migration, Island Girl flew 234 km (145 miles) up the Chilean coast, following the inland route once again this year. In past years, she has often headed for the high Andes at this stage in her migration.

She roosted on an arid hillside at 4,685' and about 48 km (30 miles) inland from the coast. I noticed a good road to the top of the ridge where she slept. Looks like there might be a small rock quarry to her west.

She put in for the night approximately halfway between the ocean and the crest of the Andes and also about halfway between Santiago and La Serena.

Her location is very near the Las Chinchillas National Refuge, a preserve for...you guessed it...Chinchillas. This is where they come from originally. Dry Mediterranean habitat. Wonderful animal. Look them up on Google or Bing.

                                      Chilean Chinchilla

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