22 April, 2013

Island Girl Approaching Iquique

On Sunday, Island Girl returned to the coastline of Chile. She flew well past Antofagasta and the town of Tocopilla and covered 292 km (181 miles) for the day.

She came to roost in a very typical spot for this part of her migration, halfway up the long steep hillside leading up to the top of the coastal range overlooking the Pacific. There was a broad, open, flat plain just below her. Perfect hunting habitat.

Google Earth shows cloud cover at this spot, once again typical for this situation. So she slept on a cool slope (1,135' elevation) likely with onshore winds.

Her roost was located half mile above the Chilean National Highway Route 1. It would have been possible to see her from the road.

She is now approaching Iquique where I spent the night last year while chasing our other satellite tagged peregrine, Felipe.This is a wonderful, vibrant city located right on the Pacific shoreline. One of the coolest towns in Chile to me.

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