25 April, 2013

Island Girl Returns to Peru

On Tuesday, Island Girl flew across the border and into Peru once again.

She headed NW, slowly working her way up into the mountains after  passing by the towns of Tacna, Ilo, Moquegua and Mollendo, all located back down on the Pacific coast. This higher route took her near but past Arequipa once more, a pathway very similar to her route last year.

She eventually reached Majes, west of Arequipa, and roosted west of there and well out in the desert at 1,489 m (4,886') elevation.

As I looked at her roosting location on Google Earth, I realized that I knew this area quite well.

Last April, I had ridden my Honda four wheeler into the same part of the desert to check out her 2012 roosting site. That location was just 6.5 miles east of where she roosted on Tuesday night!

Terrain east of the 2012 roost site, pure Atacama. 2013 Site in far distance.

Looking west from the 2012 roost site towards the 2013 roost site in distance

April 2012 returning from the roost site. Wooooo  Hooooooo....

Don McCall worked out that Island Girl has averaged 200 miles per day so far this year.

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