25 April, 2013

Island Girl Roosts Up Valley from the Nazca Lines

On Wednesday, Island Girl continued following the west slope of the Andes Mountains heading NW. She covered 340 km (211 miles), close to the average distance per day for her migration so far.

As mentioned in previous years, she is probably using the onshore winds flowing up this slope to assist her migration. Positioning herself at the right elevation will likely maximize the lift from these winds.

She put in for the night on a small rocky cliff atop a typical barren ridgeline at 6,497' elevation. And, as usual, she perched directly above a verdant, irrigated agricultural valley a kilometer below. Looks like she could see right down into it.

Good positioning for the morning hunt tomorrow.

She remained well inland from the coast during the day.

Her roost was about 86 km (53 miles) east of the Pacific shoreline.

The cliff was located well upriver, about 37 km (23 miles) from the famous Nazca Lines situated downstream on the broad alluvial plain near the city of Nazca.

She should have roosted somewhere near Lima last night.

She is making really good progress so far.

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