30 April, 2013

Leaving Peru and the Desert Behind

Island Girl resumed her normal speed on Monday, flying 332 km (206 miles) for the day. As expected, she followed the inland foothill route instead of taking the coastal desert path. She headed inland just after passing the city of Chiclayo. Always a good idea to bypass Chiclayo without stopping.

She not only avoided the heat of the arid coastal plain but by taking the inland direction, she has entirely left the desert behind her.

She finished the day only 36 km (22 miles) from the Ecuadoran border and roosted at 1,347' elevation in an area of subtropical  vegetation (banana trees, palm trees, lemon groves). She was about 100 km (62 miles) inland for this leg of her trip..

So far, she has flown 3,823 km (2,375 miles) in 12 days and has reached -4 degrees south latitude.

This year, she has not paused en route north as she has in other years. No staging intervals so far. Just a steady flight to the north towards home.

Here in Washington, the eyass Red-tails have just hatched during the last week.

In the arctic, the peregrines haven't even arrived at their nest sites yet. This is a reminder of how little time they have to raise their families. The pressure is always on....

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