29 April, 2013

Northern Peru

Another interesting day for Island Girl.

Before starting her migration north, her 0900 signal shows that she was perched on a small rocky cliff directly above a river with flowing water only 160' away. She was located right on the border of a tongue of sand extending out of the mountains and abutting the usual cultivated field areas that she seems to favor so much.

It is certainly possible that she took a bath here. It looks perfect for bathing with an open, flat, gravel bar and access to shallow running water, but who knows? I like to think so anyway. She deserves it after her long journey through the driest desert in the world.

Further up this sandy area are the famous ruins of Sechin near the town of Carrizal (worth looking at the pictures on GE).

Her river perch was only 577 meters (600 yards) away from the Pan-American Highway, so I probably looked at this hillside last year when we drove past.

She flew NW for another 254 km (158 miles), passing the cities of Chimbote and Trujillo.

She pulled in for the night on a high and dry, rocky ridge, as usual. Her elevation was 3,273' and she slept at -7 degrees latitude.

She was still in full-on, extreme, desert habitat although that will all start to change for her tomorrow as she approaches the sub-tropical zone in northern Peru before hitting the tropics of Ecuador. So she is getting ready to leave the desert behind yet again.

What a contrast.

I'd expect her to veer inland tomorrow as she usually does here. She follows the front of the mountains and avoids the extreme Szechura Desert to the west. Really hot, really arid, and really thorn-ridden. Makes far more sense to stay in the relatively cool air of the foothills.


Allen Gardner said...

Awesome stuff! Thanks for all your hard work. It is incredible stuff.
Thanks Bud

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that she's doing fine.
Thank you very much for the updates.
I'm still wondering what might have happened to Felipe.