21 April, 2013

Saturday-Island Girl Roosts Near the Famous Hand in the Desert

Island Girl is moving right along and covered 429 km (267 mi) yesterday. She passed by Caldera and Taltal on her way towards Antofagasta. She is making good time and should be in Peru soon.

She roosted inland in the coastal mountains at 1,649' elevation. She slept in an extremely dry canyon so typical of this part of the desert. She was about a mile east of the Pan-American Highway that we have traveled so many times over the years during this project and less than five miles away from the famous "Hand of the Desert" sculpture that we also know so well. Last year at this time, we received strong signals from "Felipe" at this same location.

Some of you will remember this from our chase north last spring.

                             The Hand of the Desert

This area is about 64 km (40 miles) from one of the great Chilean desert cities, Antofagasta.

Nice memories.


Radio-tracking the adult male peregrine, Felipe, near the Hand last year.

Photo by Shirley Vanderveen

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