27 April, 2013

Thursday-Approaching Lima

Island Girl continued to follow the front of the Andean foothills once again. This has often been her preferred route while migrating through Peru. She flies back from the coastal plain, moving along the ascending ridges of the Pacific slope.

She covered 233 km (145 miles) for the day, slowing a bit from her 200 mile average. She went by the towns of Ica, Paracas, Pisco and Chincha Alta, all situated further down on the coastal terrace.

She spent Thursday night roosting on a fairly featureless, arid desert ridge near the head of a draw. Elevation was 2,647'.

Her location was just north of the Rio Canete, one of the famous rivers of Peru that extend all the way east up into the snow and glacial headwaters of the Andes.

There are many good pictures of the habitat on Google Earth.

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