14 May, 2013

Across El Salvador to Guatemala

Island Girl continued her trend of flying along the Pacific or western slope of Central America yesterday. She had a good day and covered about her average distance at 325 km (202 miles).

She flew across the entire country of El Salvador in a single day and then into the southern part of Guatemala. She is already at 14 degrees north latitude on her 25th day of migration.

If she maintains her average distance, then she should be nearing the Mexican border, about 170 miles away, later today.

She roosted in a continuous stand of dry forest at 1,819 feet elevation. Looks like a long slope above an agricultural valley. She was about a half mile away from a major road, marked CA8. Lots of GE pictures here to give you an idea of the habitat.

She was still 88 km (55 miles) south of the capitol, Guatemala City.

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