23 May, 2013

Across Kansas

Island Girl migrated across most of Kansas yesterday flying 287 km (178 miles) and almost reaching the Nebraska border.

She put in for the night in the small town of Glen Elder, Mitchell County, Kansas, a farm town with a population of 445 people. This settlement is quite near Lake Waconda, a large, artificial lake.

She slept in the northeastern corner of the town near a residential area. She picked another green belt that follows the nearby Limestone River. This location is at 1,420' elevation.

There appears to be a grade school to her west and both a baseball field and a football field just to the south of her. She didn't sleep too far from one of the goal posts.

Looking at the GE image, we can't be sure if she chose some deciduous trees to sleep in or a power pole carrying three power lines. The next pole over looks to have one of those deadly transformers at its top, based on the shadow image anyway.

She is now at 39 degrees north latitude and, as Don pointed out earlier, quite near to the geographic center of the conterminous United States.

This is truly the heartland of the country.

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