25 May, 2013

Across Nebraska...

For some reason, Island Girl started to trend a bit to the NNW on Thursday. I would have expected her to take more of a NE bearing at this point. But she didn't.

She flew 415 km (258 miles) across most of Nebraska, ending up just 11 km (6 miles) from the South Dakota border and east of Valentine, Nebraska.

She put in for the night among some trees at the top of a forested draw just above the Niobara National Scenic River. And it looks really scenic too. It would be wonderful to be traveling with her to see all of these gorgeous areas of the Great Plains of the US.

She roosted right where the "canyon" and agricultural plain meet. The vegetation is changing rapidly in this area with lots of Aspen and Paper Birch in the canyons. Her elevation was 2,485.

Nevertheless, this area is fairly flat. GE shows the highest waterfall in Nebraska just to the west at Smith Falls State Park. It is all of 68' high!

Pretty interesting area. She had passed through the Nebraska Sand Hills area which is loaded with ponds and small lakes, perfect habitat for her prey.

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