22 May, 2013

Across Oklahoma

Island Girl safely made it through all of the bad weather I am happy to report.

On Tuesday, she flew 225 km (140 miles) NNE through the state and nearly reached the border with Kansas.

This was her 35th day of migration. She has flown 10,001 km (6,215 miles) since leaving Chile on 18 April, although she has actually flown much farther if you consider all of her hunting flights, detours and jogs en route north.

She finally roosted in a greenbelt situated along the Medicine Lodge River just 7 km (4 miles) from the Kansas border. She was in some pretty flat farmland at an elevation of 1,218 ' and just north of the Great Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge, critical habitat for Whooping Cranes.

It appears that she slept in a tree near the edge of the forest and quite near a small pond with a nicely sloping beach that looks ideal for bathing.

Wonder if she cleaned up here.

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