07 May, 2013

Along the Coast of Colombia

Island Girl continued up the coast of Colombia yesterday. The area she is traveling through now is wet tropical forest extending right down to the ocean. Dense forest.

She flew 378 km (235 miles) passing the town of Buenaventura.

Last night she roosted on a hill at 525' overlooking a salt water bay less than a quarter mile away. On her nineteenth day of migration, she is approximately 100 miles south of Panama and should have arrived there today.

Here are some comments sent to me today from Alex in Colombia in his words...

"Now in Colombia presents a serious problem, illegal mining, the exploitation of gold in the Pacific forest, thousands of trees are cut down for gold in the ground, right where flying Island Girl today, I hope the government it acts soon.

As I said before this season fortunately peregrines have not received our rescue center we have seen from October to May as couples we have identified have come faithfully to their perches, in Bogota a couple flies always in the airport Eldorado, in the city of Pereira two couples, in the city of Cali two couples in different areas,are urban Peregrines.

 Is important that people increasingly know and identify the Peregrines, and we are seeing more, but apparently cassini subspecies nests in the south of the country, I hope the day comes nesting in cities such as Cali, Pereira, are lands full food for Peregrines.
Thanks for the summary Alex. I would love to see that coastline.

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