04 May, 2013

Crossing the Equator

On Thursday, Island Girl flew north through the lowland central valley of Ecuador, crossed the coastal hills and stopped off 222 km (139 miles) later in the estuary of the Rio Cojimies in the far northwestern part of the country.

She crossed the equator and returned once again to the northern hemisphere.

She spent the night in a mangrove area situated along the margin of a commercial shrimp pond. Much of the coastline of Ecuador has been converted to these growing operations. This region supports a multitude of such ponds as can be seen clearly on Google Earth.

This particular pond is located on the eastern side of the Rio about 14 km (8 miles) from the outer coast and south of the town of San Jose De Chamanga.

Looking at the signal coordinates, it appears as if she may have slept on some sort of perch inside the pond and over the water. More likely, it is just the 20 meter variation of the signal.

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