07 May, 2013

Crossing Into Colombia

On Sunday, Island Girl flew NE for 219 km (136 miles), crossing the border into Colombia. She continues to follow her "normal" route through this area, again emphasizing how important the coast of Colombia is for migrating peregrines. The traditional route really necks down here.

She crossed a low coastal plain filled with a maze of river tributaries and extensive mudflats on the estuaries. The habitat is full-on tropical forest which will extend all the way to Mexico now.

Isla Gorgona, a tropical island where several of our birds have landed in the past, is offshore to the west.

Island Girl roosted in a tree in a clearing at 96' elevation about 7 miles inland and not far from the town of Guapi, a short distance to her NE.

One of her admirers and a follower of the website is a falconer, Alex Ospina, from Colombia. If he is reading this blog, perhaps he might have some observations about his country to help us understand what she is flying through here.

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