10 May, 2013

Crossing the Panama Canal

Island Girl continued to fly west on Wednesday, successfully correcting her bearing perfectly. She traveled through the heart of Panama, flying past Tocumen Airport, Panama City and the Canal. We can't tell from her signals if she went overland or if she flew off shore, crossing the Bay of Panama, but she ended her flight far west of the city.

She had flown 217 km (135 miles) before perching for the night at 1,027' elevation, perhaps seeking some cooler temperatures on a higher hilltop. The site was nearly equidistant from the Pacific and the Caribbean.

Looks like the habitat was dense forest although the GE image is obscured by clouds.

She has been migrating now for 21 days. During this period she has flown through 5 countries (Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Panama) and traveled 5651 km (3512 miles), an average of  269 km per day (167 miles per day).

She will be flying across most of the countries of Central America next.

1 comment:

Peter said...

She passed north of the city where I live, Santiago De Veraguas.
It rained hard all afternoon, I wish this won't affect her.
Now she's flying over the highest mountain range in Panama.
Another year that I miss seeing her.