31 May, 2013

Good bye Trees.....

Island Girl put on some speed on Wednesday flying 509 km (316 miles) to the NE towards Hudson Bay. That is quite a jump for a single day. She must be wanting to get home and the conditions must look right to her.

She has now left the boreal forest behind her and has entered into the tundra biome. She won't see any more trees until September when she returns south.

She slept out on the tundra (does she like being back there?) at 703 elevation, not far above sea level.

Her position was 200 km (124 miles) SW of Churchill, the famous Polar Bear city, located on the shores of Hudson Bay. Keep in mind there will still be ice on the bay at this time.

She should be there by now. It will be interesting to see how she elects to cross this icy expanse this year. It is a 500 miles crossing in some areas.

Stay tuned...

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