05 May, 2013

In the Ecuadoran Jungle

Island Girl pushed on for a bit more yesterday, flying another 125 km (78 miles) to the NE towards Colombia. Her route went a bit inland this time as she passed by the coastal town of Esmeraldas without getting near to it..

She put in for the night about 34 km (21 miles) inland and roosted on one of many oxbows on a small tributary of a classic tropical coastal river. Her elevation was only  40', very close to sea level. Looks like mangrove forest to me but I could be wrong. This is a complex, flat, meandering, brown river draining a huge area of lowlands.

If you allow pictures on your GE legend, you will find a wonderful You-tube video just to the NE of her roost.

It is a short film describing an Ecuadoran tree species within a National Reserve. The best part is that is gives you a very good idea of the sounds of the jungle and allows you to experience those sounds that Island Girl is also listening to in this area.

In another photo, you can see a huge number of Tagua nuts drying in the sun. These are prized by wood carvers the world over.

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Peter said...

She should be getting to western Panama soon, I'll keep an eye on the sky, wish me luck!