12 May, 2013

Into Costa Rica

On Friday, Island Girl resumed her migration and turned on the afterburners. She flew all the way across the rest of Panama and halfway across Costa Rica. She covered 363 km (226 miles) for the day.

We also saw some new behavior this time. In the past, Island Girl has typically flown to the northern coast of Panama and entered CR near the Kekoldi hawk watch site. She would then fly along the eastern slope of the central mountains, eventually entering Nicaragua near the center of the country.

This year, she continued to fly up the Pacific slope of the coast range, essentially following the same coastal foothills route she has taken all the way north from Chile. This is a completely new route for her in Costa Rica.

She roosted on another forested mountain ridge top at 3,151' above the Rio Savegre in an area of steep slopes and deep canyons. She was about 17 km (11 miles) inland from the ocean.

I can't help but think that she prefers the cooler temperatures of the mountains for roosting.

She was also approximately 58 km (35 miles) southeast of the capitol city, San Jose.

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