03 May, 2013

Into Ecuador-1 April

As expected, Island Girl flew into Ecuador on Wednesday. She crossed the border near the coast and traveled 44 km (2 miles) across the tropical habitats typically found along this coastal plain. We are talking hot and humid with dense vegetation everywhere. This is one of the most dramatic transitions of her entire migration. Change in temperature, elevation, habitat, humidity, prey species, hunting opportunities and techniques, new potential predators, everything.

So she is going through changes right now. This may help explain why she covered only 177 km (110 miles) for the day, about half her usual distance of late.

She put in for the night about 5 miles NE of the city of Machala. Her roost site was obscured by clouds on GE but her elevation was only 31'. She slept in an area of shrimp farms, slow moving, brown rivers and agricultural fields.

Island Girl has stopped off in this area many times during her past spring and fall migrations and must know the area well by know. Certainly she recognizes where she is.

She was about 113 km (70 miles) south of Guayaquil.

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