09 May, 2013

Into Panama...

Island Girl finished up her travels across Colombia and flew into Panama. She covered 315 km (196 miles) during her day. She crossed the border and flew over the famous Darien Gap, the roadless wilderness area between the two countries. This is still a  very dangerous "No Mans Land" known to be the home of smugglers, kidnappers and terrorists.

Island Girl ended up well into SE Panama at around 8 degrees north latitude.

She roosted about 35 km inland in a area of dense jungle. Her elevation was 30 feet so she selected a small hill for sleeping. I have been in Panama several times and can attest to the amazing nocturnal sounds that surrounded her.

Once again, she will find herself having to undergo a major shift in her heading. Remember that Panama is a country that extends from west to east. So she will have to fly due west now to continue on her way to Costa Rica.

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