31 May, 2013

Into Wilderness...

Sorry for the delayed posts. We received signals later than normal and Don was away from his computer yesterday.

Island Girl continued to follow the "correct" heading (i.e. NE) over the last two days. On Tuesday, she flew from Saskatchewan into the next Canadian province of Manitoba. She covered 218 km (135 miles) as she worked her way towards home.

She is now in full out wilderness. Large areas of the boreal forest around her are roadless.

She put in for the night on an amazing river delta formed by the Saskatchewan River flowing into Cedar Lake to the west of Lake Winnipeg. There is a huge maze of channels, islands, and mud flats all through here. Once again, this is ideal breeding habitat for a variety of birds. It must be remarkable there at this point in time with nesting birds, arctic migrants and falcons.

She will have no problem hunting in a place like this.

I'd love to see it.

She slept in a continuous grove of conifers on an island well out into the delta at about 1,880' elevation.

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