20 May, 2013

Island Girl Sets A Record For the Season As She Flies Into the US

Island Girl crossed the US border into Texas yesterday.

She flew 551 km (342 miles) during the day, a new record for this season. She also changed her heading to north as she crosses the Great Plains states. Traditionally, this is where all of our satellite tagged migrant peregrines really turn on the speed.

Don McCall writes that she has covered 1,393 km (866 miles) during the last three days. I would not be surprised if she had another long day today. We'll see tomorrow.

The national news tells of lots of tornadoes happening in middle America right now. Hopefully none are coming her way.

She ended up for the night about 30 miles SSW of Abilene, Texas, in an area of dry farmland. GE shows cotton fields in this area.

Her signal is very close to two large transmission towers and it seems likely that she slept there.

GE is so amazing. Zoom in and look closely and you can see the individual electrical cables coming off these towers.

Too bad none of us are chasing her as she slept within 500 feet of a main road, Route 83. It would have been no problem finding her.

Just heard on the news tonight that she was within 250 miles, probably less, from the Moore, Oklahoma, tornado today. If you haven't heard this was a mile wide tornado of the highest category that slammed into the city.

Our hearts go out to everyone affected by this tragedy. So sad.

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