19 May, 2013

Leaving the Tropics, Paralleling Texas

Island Girl increased her speed yesterday, right on schedule. She flew 528 km (328 miles), one of her longest days of the season so far. In fact, I just checked and this was her second best day of the migration this year. Earlier, she traveled slightly farther while crossing from Costa Rica into Nicaragua (532 km or 330 miles).

She crossed over the Tropic of Cancer right away, leaving Ciudad Victoria behind her, and continued to fly north across the arid flat lands of NE Mexico.

She flew far enough north to have reached the US but stayed west of the Rio Grande eventually stopping in an arid agricultural area near the Rio Salado in Mexico about 50 km west of the border town of Laredo. Her latitude was equivalent to North Padre Island, Texas.

She slept on what looks like some sort of pole (based on the shadow in GE) next to an irrigation canal and a small bridge. Her elevation was just 620'.

Looks like she would have arrived in the US sometime today.

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