18 May, 2013

Passing Tampico

Island Girl is migrating well inland as she usually does along this stage of her migration. I am not sure why she does this. Why is she not following the Gulf coastline where the bird life is abundant? That is what we are used to at South Padre Island, Texas, where migrant peregrines have been studied for decades. But that is simply what she does every spring. Her northbound migration seems to be far more consistent than her southbound flights.

So she continued up the broad coastal plain again on Friday. She passed by the city of Tampico and was approaching Ciudad Victoria.

She covered 302 km (188 miles) on her 31st day of migration and finally put in for the night about 97 km (60 miles) from the coast. Her elevation was 242'.

It looks like she roosted out in the middle of a flat, open, cultivated field. No shadows. No structures apparent. I don't see any fence posts near her GPS coordinates. It appears that she just plain slept on the ground. Maybe she likes the feel of dirt under her toes.

Friday should be her last day in the tropics. She was just 100 km (61 miles) south of the Tropic of Cancer last night.

Don figures she was about 389 km (242 miles) south of the Texas border.

Some of these birds start to really turn on the speed right about now. We have found that they will often fly the fastest and the farthest while crossing the Great Plains of the United States.

Still no takers on chasing her in the US?

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