28 May, 2013

Re-orienting at the Edge of the Boreal Forest

She had a slow day today, traveling only 63 km (39 miles), but changing her direction radically as we expected. She moved almost due east towards the Manitoba border only about 100 km away.

This pause at the edge of the boreal forest is typical behavior for several of our tagged peregrines. I always anticipate a slow-down here, almost as if they are assessing the situation before heading north into the snows. They rush across the Great Plains, only to slow down near or at the forest line.

She roosted in a lobe of the forest, the first real wilderness she has seen in awhile. The roost was in continuous forest at 1,999' elevation. Lots of ponds here too. Duck and shorebird heaven.

Lake Winnipeg is a short distance to the east. She has flown by there many times in the past so she seems to know this area too.

Hudson Bay is about 843 km (500 miles) to the NE.

If all goes well, she'll be in Canada for the next four months.

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