13 May, 2013

Speeding up....

On Saturday, Island Girl turned on the speed again and did one of her typical northbound power flights. Looks like she wants to get home.

She covered 532 km (330 miles) and flew all the way across the rest of Costa Rica and most of Nicaragua in a single day. She knows this route very well as she always migrates along the long Pacific slope on the western side of Nicaragua in spring.

She flew past Lake Nicaragua, past the capitol, Managua, and just kept on going NW.

By nightfall, she had nearly reached Honduras and put in on a low hilltop (1,016') in a dense forest. She was only 19 km (12 miles) from the border. This is the Chinandega region of Nicaragua, located just south of the Gulf of Fonseca that connects all three Central American countries, Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador. If you look just NE of her roost site you'll see an extensive area of shrimp farms on the coast and rivers.

At the tip of the peninsula where she stopped, there are some photos on Google Earth of a volcano with a lake at the bottom of the caldera. There is also a photo showing what it looks like across the Gulf into El Salvador, the route Island Girl took the next morning.

She is seriously migrating now. Tomorrow should be quite interesting.

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Allen Gardner said...

This is incredible!