23 May, 2013

Tornado comments from an Island Girl fan in Texas

I received this e-mail from Chris Davis of Fort Worth, Texas. I thought everyone following Island Girl would appreciate his local insights. I know I did. Also learned that Prairies DO nest in Oklahoma! My mistake and thanks for the correction.

Here are Chris's comments:

"  Island Girl did just miss the storm in Oklahoma. It was actually a warm sunny day behind the storm when she passed through. I think that most birds find ways to dodge or weather storms. We get hit with devastating hail storms that strip trees bare of all leaves, yet we find very few bird casualties. 

A few years ago, Ft Worth, Texas got hit with a large tornado that cut a path downing all trees in its path. I went out after the storm to check on a pair of Red-tails that were in its path. The trees adjacent to the nest tree were gone and the nest tree had many broken limbs including a support limb for the nest. To my amazement the female was still sitting in the nest and hatched two chicks later that she raised. 

On a side note, Oklahoma does have nesting Prairie falcons in the panhandle of the state. Glad to see Island Girl is still going strong."

Thanks Chris. 

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