03 June, 2013

Rushing Towards Home...

Here is Don's report from today (hard to beat):

"Island Girl had another huge day yesterday, and is already back on Baffin Island (but not quite to her usual presumed nest site).  She left Hudson Bay behind, crossed Hudson Strait (which separates Baffin Island from northern Quebec), and reached the Foxe Peninsula (southwest corner) of Baffin Island, having travelled 679 km (422 mi) for the day, just slightly short of her previous longest day on this migration.  She roosted about 100 kilometers (68 miles) northwest of her usual nesting area, actually having overshot her destination, but that was apparently the fastest way for her to reach land after crossing Hudson Strait.
By late morning today she was already headed southeast toward her usual nesting area and was nearly there.  So, despite having left Chile somewhat later than usual, she is arriving earlier than usual - in her previous 4 northern migrations, Island Girl reached Baffin Island on June 2nd, 8th, 11th, and 5th respectively."

Nice summary Don.

Looks like she probably arrived home sometime earlier today.

Last night she slept out on the tundra (elevation 200 feet) and only about 198 km (120 miles) south of the Arctic Circle.

Totally interesting that she overshot her eyrie site but then backtracked almost immediately towards home.

They definitely make some major corrections along the way.

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