27 September, 2013

Island Girl Flying through Wisconsin

On Wednesday, Island Girl continued to fly SSW, following the western shore of Lake Michigan. She covered 390 km (242 miles) for the day so she is moving well.

She traveled past many well-known spots like Green Bay and Oshkosh but especially Cedar Grove, one of the first and foremost fall raptor banding stations in the world. Dan Berger and Helmut Mueller had been banding hawks there since the 1950's.

She continued to veer inland until she put in for the night about 2.8 miles from the small town of Columbus, Wisconsin off Highway 151. She was just 25 miles or so NW of Madison, where the famous biologist,Aldo Leopold, once taught college and Fran Hamerstrom, the harrier expert, studied with him. Lots of history hereabouts.

Island Girl is moving through farmland habitat now and has left both the tundra and the boreal forest far behind her.

The satellite signal indicates that she slept in a cultivated field (probably harvested by now). However, these signals may sometimes be deceptive. Probably more likely that she selected one of those trees near the farmhouse to her west.

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