28 September, 2013

Roosting on the Great Bridge over the Mississippi

Here is Don's excellent report...

"Hi Everyone,

Island Girl stayed fairly close to the Mississippi River yesterday, as it flows south and forms the border between Iowa and Illinois.  After covering 181 km (112 mi) for the day she most certainly spent the  night on top of the massive twin-tower structure that supports the asymmetrical "Great River Bridge" about 200 meters to the south, and which connects Burlington, Iowa with Gulfport, Illinois.  The towers rise 113 meters (370 feet) above the river, and their shadows are clearly visible in Google Maps.  I've attached a photo of the impressive bridge, taken from the side."

Unfortunately the photo doesn't make it through but if you go to the Google Earth map, you can clearly see the bridge. There are also many different photos of the bridge on the map.

So two nights sleeping on the big river and still following it south.

Perfect road map south for her.

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