30 September, 2013

Sleeping on the Mississippi

Well, I can't beat Don's report from this morning. Here it is....

"Island Girl remained in the vicinity of Burlington, Iowa and the Mississippi River yesterday.  Last night she moved downriver slightly more than one kilometer and roosted atop a tower of yet another bridge, this time the Burlington Rail Bridge.  This bridge was reconstructed within the past 2-3 years with a high-rise tower at each end, and carries numerous trains across the Mississippi.  In the attached photo, the Rail Bridge is shown in its raised position (to let boat traffic pass underneath when no trains are running), and the Great River Bridge where she roosted the previous night can be seen in the background."

 Burlington Rail Bridge.jpg

And this time, here is his shot of the railway bridge.

Pretty cool, Don!


Anonymous said...

She will be slipping her bikini on soon!

Pacho said...

I wonder if she migrates south with her offspring.