15 October, 2013

A Return to Limon in Costa Rica

Yesterday, Island Girl flew in nearly a direct line to the SE, flying 348 km (216 miles) to one of her favored locations, the Caribbean coastal town of Limon.

She has stopped off here during her fall migration on four of the last five years (not in 2010) and so she knows the place very well now.

Our friend and colleague, Marco Saborio, from the capitol San Jose, has driven down to see if he can intercept her again although this is not as easy as it sounds. There are many cell towers in the city and knowing exactly which one she is using at any given time can be very challenging.

In fact, in looking at her roosting data from last night, she slept right in town although there are no towers featured in the Google Earth image.

However, this photo is dated 2/4/2010 and Marco tells us that there are many more towers in the city now. So I strongly suspect that there is now a tower at this location.

In the past, when Island Girl has arrived in Limon, she has often stayed for several days. Apparently, it is a very good area for hunting and perhaps she is exploiting the coastal migration of passerines and other birds.

We know from Marco that she, and other peregrines, were feeding on Yellow-billed Cuckoos passing through Limon.

Since she arrives there about this time each fall and stays for awhile, it is tempting to think that she knows to be there now. And how to get there.

Or is this simply a case of randomly arriving at a natural coastal migration point during each fall migration?

In other words, is this just by chance?

If not, how did she learn about Limon?

Did she follow an adult there?

Did she just happen across the place and see a bunch of other peregrines hunting there?

Did she remember the place?

Do peregrines remember things?

Hunting locations?

Concentrations of prey?

Their mates?

So many questions...

Let's see how long she stays round this time.

Good luck Marco!


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