07 October, 2013

Across the Gulf of Mexico

Island Girl made a big move yesterday.

She flew due south across all of Louisiana in a single day and continued out into the Gulf of Mexico for the night.

Looks like she may have left dry land in the area of Marsh Island.

We can only assume that she slept on one of the multitude of oil rig platforms dotting the Gulf in this area. Her signal showed no movement indicating that she was stationary.

She was within 150 miles of where she left from last year. So her route is very similar. She will be once again crossing the Gulf at its widest extent.

From the Delta to the Yucatan is about 850 miles.

From the Delta to the Tuxtlas in the southernmost part of the Gulf is about 1,200 miles.

She is going to have to find someplace to roost out there tonight or head for shore before nightfall

This is one strong peregrine.

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