17 October, 2013

Another night in Limon...

True to form, Island Girl spent another night in Limon. This is typical for her as shown by the data from past years.

When a bird halts their migration like this, there is usually a reason for it. It is called "staging behavior" among peregrine biologists.

The most likely reason is to exploit an abundant prey base. We suspect this is the case for Island Girl although it would be wonderful to have more information to confirm or deny this hypothesis.

This could be a wonderful opportunity for a research project for someone in Costa Rica. Marco has advised us that there are many more peregrines using the towers in Limon.

And, in my opinion, this is a pretty unique situation for fall migrant peregrines that seems to occur in Limon every year.

Good opportunity to observe hunting behavior as well.

Are there any schools/colleges in Limon or Costa Rica that might have students to look at this behavior?

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