25 October, 2013

Crossing Panama to the Azuero Peninsula as usual

Once again from Don....

"On Wednesday, Island Girl flew from northwest Panama into the Azuero Peninsula (southern Panama) that she normally uses as a jumping-off point for crossing the Gulf of Panama to Colombia in South America.  

She travelled 202 km (126 mi) but stopped about 50 kilometers short of the peninsula's southeastern tip. Usually she roosts near that area but then heads immediately across the Gulf, but last year she spent a couple of nights there.  In any event she will probably be in Colombia in a day or two."

She roosted at 1,688' in a patch of forest surrounded by farmland. Perhaps a bit cooler up there?

Unfortunately, she was 5-6 hours from our friends and colleagues in Panama City and Gamboa who were not able to get to her.

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