07 October, 2013

Five Days In Arkansas

Island Girl put on her brakes over the last five days. While she is still moving south, she is taking her own sweet time.

Is she tired? Is she adding mass for a trans-Gulf jump? Is there just too much food available to resist? Did she somehow sense that a hurricane/tropical storm was heading right for her?

Tantalizing idea, but I can't imagine how she could have known that ahead of time.

One her second day in Arkansas, she flew SW for only 37 km (23 miles) before putting in for the night on a tall radio antenna located in an open farm field.

On the next day, she did another short hop of 83 km (55 miles) to the White River National Wildlife Refuge. and slept in a dense forest.

On the next, she covered a bit more ground flying 100 km (62 miles) SW before putting into another forest to roost.

She has been generally paralleling the Mississippi River to the east, likely following the flood of other migrants traveling south along with her.

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