23 October, 2013

Heading South....

Don reports...

"Island Girl spent one final night in Limon, Costa Rica last night (local time). She then flew into Panama, covering 185 km (115 mi) by (2200Z).  

She wasn't flying at the time of her latest GPS signal so maybe that's where she'll spend the night."

So, as before, after an extended stay at Limon, she has resumed her migration south. 

Here we go....

Looks like she remained on the Caribbean coastal route, passing near the Kekoldi fall migration site in Costa Rica and then crossed into Panama at Bocas Del Toro.

If she follows her usual behavior, she will fly south across the Isthmus today and stop off at the tip of the Azueros Peninsula before jumping across the Gulf of Panama.

We are hoping that our Panamanian friends will be looking for her.

South America coming up!

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