29 October, 2013

Into Ecuador

She flew 182 km (113 miles) yesterday, crossing the border into Ecuador as expected. She is now less than a degree of latitude from the equator and the southern hemisphere.

Her roost was located at the north end of the central valley in lowland Ecuador (1,162' elevation), an area that transitions from the mountains of Colombia into the lowland farming region of Ecuador. This is the beginning of the huge Guayas River drainage that eventually reaches the Pacific at the city of Guayaquil. It is the largest city in Ecuador and often the departure point for trips west to the Galapagos Islands.

The GE maps show very poor resolution in this area so we can't tell much about where she slept except that it is in lowland tropical forest. Don noted that she was now about halfway between Quito in the mountains and Esmeraldas on the coast.

Once again, her roost site was fairly close to the one she used last year, only about 25 miles away. It was also near one of the main roads, Highway E 20, so there are lots of photos on Google Earth to show what the habitat looks like in the area. Green, forested, tropical, wet, wonderful.

Wish I could be there listening to all of the sounds that she is experiencing, all of the myriad exotic bird songs, monkeys calling, and everything else so typical of Ecuador.

Amazing country. But then, they all are...

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