07 October, 2013

Into Louisiana

Island Girl flew across the border into Louisiana State yesterday, moving ever closer to the Gulf of Mexico coastline.

She flew nearly due south so it looks like she will depart from the Delta as she did last year. She covered 123 km (76 miles) for the day and was still flying west of the Mississippi River, only about 44 miles away to the east.

She roosted on a water tower (check out the picture!) about 5.5 miles south of the town of Bastrop, Louisiana and right on Hwy 139. There is a house just to her north.

I called the Bastrop newspaper to let them know about Island Girl and to see if a reporter could drive down to get a digital photo of the tower. I'd love to see that one.

Peregrines often roost and winter on water towers. At South Padre Island, we often see them on these structures.

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